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Facefood - Day Cream Moisturizer, 50ml

INGREDIENTS  *Aloe vera gel (RSA), *jojoba (RSA), almond oil (Spain), *coconut oil (Mozambique), shea butter (Ghana), *soy wax (USA), Geogard Ultra (natural preservative), soy lecithin and *lavender (RSA)... With a dash...

R 120.00

Facewash - Gentle de-toxer & exfoliator, 100ml

INGREDIENTS  *Oatmeal (RSA), almond oil (Spain), *coconut oil (Mozambique), *bentonite clay (USA), *rooibos (RSA), *vegetable glycerine, castor oil (India), baking soda, *lavender (RSA), Geoguard Ultra (natural preservative), *xantham gum, soy...

R 120.00

Activated Charcoal Toothpaste, 100ml

INGREDIENTS  *Coconut oil (Mozambique), baking soda, *bentonite clay (USA), *xylitol, *vegetable glycerine, *activated charcoal (from macadamia nut shells), Newlands spring water (RSA), *peppermint (India), *clove (Madagascar) & *grapefruit (RSA)... With...

R 80.00

Skinfood - Body Butter, 100ml

INGREDIENTS *Coconut oil (Mozambique), *avocado butter (RSA), *mafura butter (Mozambique), almond oil (Spain), *soy wax (USA), Vitamin E (UK)  & ylang ylang (Madagascar)... with a dash of love and gratitude...

R 125.00

Surf Zinc, 50ml

INGREDIENTS *Coconut oil (Mozambique), *shea butter (Ghana), castor oil (India), carrot seed oil (India), pomegranate seed oil (UK), non-nano zinc oxide, *soy wax (USA), carnauba wax (Brazil), Vitamin E (UK), coconut...

R 225.00