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Product Refills

We have chosen 4 of your favourite Back 2 Nature products that would be most suited as an ideal refillable product. 

The refill pouches offer the value to refill each product twice containing double the volume of the original jar, tin or bottle. Except the Hand & Body Wash refill allows for one full 500 ml refill. 

Our intention to introduce these refill pouches is to reduce the amount of repeat purchases of packaging that has been imported. Unfortunately South Africa doesn't offer much when it comes to packaging, so a lot of Back 2 Nature's packaging is imported. So even though they are in 'eco friendly packaging', there is unfortunately a carbon footprint entailed to get the packaging to SA, as well as a constant increase in costings and not putting funds into our local economy. 

Yes, glass and aluminum are great eco friendly options for packaging, if not the best and that's why we use it, but we would like to reduce how much we import and very importantly encourage the REUSE of our current beautiful packaging. 

Our refill pouches made in South Africa and are PETT & LL recyclable. So as long as we follow the 3 simples steps of ' REDUCE - REUSE - RECYCLE ' we are playing our part in being a conscious consumer. 


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