Because its better for you & better for our planet
Nature's Hand & Body Wash Product & Refill Combo
R 525.00

Nature's Hand & Body Wash Product & Refill Combo

x 1 Hand & Body Wash bottle, 500 ml

x 1 Hand & Body Wash Refill, 500 ml 

Making it more affordable & giving you an opportunity to reuse your existing bottles & preventing the carbon footprint of imported packaging. Even though the pouches are made of plastic, they are recyclable and made in RSA.

How to use:

  • Keep all of your used Back 2 Nature Hand & Body Wash bottles.
  • Deeply clean and dry the bottle before refilling.
  • Refill the bottle to the desired amount. 
  • Keep the pouch tightly sealed with no air in the pouch.
  • Store out of direct sunlight or in the fridge.
  • Please rinse and recycle the pouch. 

Nature's Hand & Body Wash

Natural ~ Refreshing softening ~ Cleansing ~ Gentle

Inspired by indigenous botanicals cape & rose geranium have natural antibacterial & antimicrobial qualities. Also calming & relaxing the skin. An all over wash, suitable for the whole family.