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Nature's Secret
Nature's Secret
Nature's Secret
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Nature's Secret

The perfect combination of healing skin care for blemished skin.

Acne & blemishes occur when your hair follicles become plugged with oil & dead skin cells. This causes white heads, black heads & pimples. This can result in scaring of the skin and an uneven skin tone. 

Even though acne & blemishes are mostly caused by internal and hormonal changes, it is very important to maintain the health & texture of your skin from the outside.

Back 2 Nature has combined the PERFECT box of Nature's Secret to help heal and replenish blemished skin. These products combined, have the natural powers to deeply cleanse your skin, encourage your skin to produce a natural & balanced amount of oils & that help in reducing & avoiding scarring from blemishes. 

What's inside ?

1 Apple Cider & Tea Tree Toner, 200ml

1 Face Wash, 100ml

1 Botanical Face Serum, 30ml

1 Face Food, All Day Moisturiser, 50ml

1 Fynbos Mask, 100ml


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