Unveiling Our NEW Face ~ Mineral Sunscreen - Your Summer Essential ☀️

Posted by Chanel Dankert on

The sun has cast its warm glow, and we've got the perfect summer secret to share: our Face Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30. This isn't just a shield; it's a radiant addition to your daily routine, offering hydration, protection, and a radiant natural complexion. Let's dive into why it's causing a stir this season.

Tinted for Everyday Radiance:

Imagine a sunscreen that not only protects but also enhances your natural radiance. Our Tinted Face Mineral Sunscreen is your daily companion, offering a subtle tint that effortlessly blends with all skin types. Say goodbye to the ghostly white cast and hello to a radiant, sun-kissed glow.

Hydrating & Antioxidant-Rich:

This isn't your average sunscreen; it's a hydrating elixir enriched with antioxidants. Infused with indigenous rooibos and aloe ferox, it's a powerhouse against free radicals. While you soak in the sun, these antioxidants work tirelessly to keep your skin nourished and glowing.

Your Skin's Bodyguard:

Picture a non-whitening, broad-spectrum shield that stands guard against UVA and UVB rays. Our mineral sunscreen is crafted with the finest non-nano natural active ingredients, ensuring that only the best touches your skin. Chemical filters? None here. Just pure, effective protection for your beautiful skin.

Reef Safe & Earth Friendly:

We care for more than just your skin; we care for the planet. Our Tinted Face Mineral Sunscreen is reef-safe and environmentally friendly. Dive into the ocean or laze on the lawn, knowing that you're keeping both your body and the oceans chemical-free.

Quick Recap of Awesomeness:

  • Tinted & non-whitening
  • Suitable for everyday use
  • Broad Spectrum | UVA & UVB
  • Water & Sweat Resistant
  • Reef Safe & Earth Friendly
  • Non-nano Ingredients
  • NO nasty chemical filters!
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free
  • Sulphate, alcohol & paraben-free
  • Tube is made of plants & recyclable plastic

This summer, let your skin bask in the glory of the sun, protected, nourished, and beautifully tinted. Our Face ~ Mineral Sunscreen isn't just a product; it's a celebration of your skin's radiance. Are you ready to embrace the sun-kissed glow? ☀️

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