CBD in skin care ~ fad or fave?

Posted by Chanel Dankert on

Imagine skincare trends as guests at a wild party, each one eager to steal the spotlight. Now, enter CBD — the unassuming guest who's been to every party since the '40s and knows the drill. Far from a new obsession, CBD is more like that seasoned companion who stands the test of time. Its skincare journey began long before the hype, offering a reliable and steadfast presence. In a world of flashy trends, CBD is the cool, collected friend your skin can count on. Let's delve into why CBD isn't just a passing phase but a mature, dependable ally in the realm of skincare.

1. Soothing Anti-Inflammatory:

  • CBD naturally calms irritated skin, perfect for sensitive types.
  • Enjoy a balanced complexion without the redness.

2. Effective Antioxidant Shield:

  • CBD fights free radicals, protecting against premature ageing.
  • Say hello to youthful, radiant skin, shielded from environmental stress.

3. Troubled Skin's Comfort:

  • CBD is a game-changer for skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.
  • Experience relief and nourishment for troubled skin.

4. Balance for Acne-Prone Skin:

  • CBD regulates sebum production, a boon for acne-prone skin.
  • Keep your skin balanced and clear.

5. Stress-Relief for Your Skin:

  • CBD's calming properties alleviate stress-induced skin concerns.
  • Let your skin breathe, relax, and glow.

6. Scar and Stretch Mark Support:

  • CBD aids in skin regeneration, promoting a smoother appearance.

Why Back 2 Nature's CBD?

Our CBD-infused products are designed for efficacy. We source the purest CBD isolate, primarily from Hemp, ensuring a THC concentration that aligns with our standards. This meticulous process extracts only the pure CBD, free from other plant compounds.

Potency Matters:

  •  Anti-Ageing CBD Night Balm - 400MG
  • Cellulite, Stretch Mark & Scar CBD Body Oil - 300MG
  • Growth & Scalp Care CBD Hair Oil - 300MG

Each drop delivers a potent dose of CBD goodness. Why settle for ordinary when you can experience the extraordinary?

Diverse Botanical Blend:

Our products aren't just about CBD. They're enriched with natural ingredients like avocado, chilli, mustard seed, juniper berry, apricot kernel, rose hip, and more. It's nature's symphony enhancing the healing properties of our CBD-infused line.

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