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Active Zinc FAQ's

How do I apply Active Zinc?

The Active Zinc is naturally quite hard (especially when it's a colder day) so don't be afraid to get your fingers in there, slightly warming it up between your fingers before you apply a generous visible layer to your face.

Why does the Active Zinc not absorb into the skin? 

Zinc is a powdered mineral that sits on top of the skin to block ultraviolet rays ( instead of blocking your pores )
Where as chemical sunscreens are designed to absorb into your bloodstream through your skin where a chemical reaction takes place. This reaction then absorbs the ultraviolet radiation as energy and disperses it as heat. These chemicals are linked to hormone disruption and coral reef bleaching. Our bodies are constantly filtering environmental toxins. We want to help it out by giving it one less toxin to have to deal with. 

If I can no longer see the product on my skin, will it still work? 

Because zinc is designed to sit on top of your skin as a mineral barrier it's important to ensure you have a visible layer on at all times when exposed to the sun. If you can't see a visible layer, it may be time to re-apply. We have also created a tinted formula to give you that more ‘natural’ look.

What does SPF 30 mean?

SPF 30 protects your skin for 97% of UVB rays. ( SPF 50 is 98% ) If your skin type takes 10 minutes to burn, SPF 30 provides you with 30 times the protection of no sunscreen. That means 30 times longer before you start to burn, so in this case, 300 minutes, provided that you have a generous visible layer applied to your skin. 

Is Active Zinc sweat & waterproof?

Most certainly is! That's why it's the perfect water sportsmen, mountain biker, runner, adventure seekers best friend. The natural plant based waxes in the product allow for the product to sit consistently on the skin, where any water or sweat will just slide right off your face. Water and sweat will also not cause the product to run into your eyes. ( The product is not water soluble )

What makes the sun care products ‘ocean-friendly’?

Globally over 14,000 tons of toxic sunscreen enter the ocean each year. Some of the ingredients that cause these sunscreens to be toxic are oxybenzone, avobenzone, octisalate, octocrylene, homosalate and octinoxate.
We care about our Oceans and that's why we use natural, non toxic ingredients. We ensure that the key active ingredient, Zinc Oxide, is uncoated and non-nano, where the particle size is +300nm per particle, ensuring it is unable to absorb or penetrate into any sea creatures, including you!
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Is the Active Zinc suitable to wear as an all-day SPF, under additional moisturisers? 

Not really, no.. as it can rub off and needs to be applied quite thick. Unless you are outdoors all day then go for it!

Is the Active Zinc suitable for acne-prone skin?

Because zinc oxide is gentle on the skin and both non-comedogenic (non-pore clogging) and antimicrobial, it is a good choice for those with sensitive and acne-prone skin. 

Can my baby & kids use Active Zinc ?

Yes, Active Zinc is suitable for the whole family :) It does not contain any synthetic fragrances or even essential oils. ( Think of it this way, a babies bum cream is mostly comprised of zinc oxide. ) Our Active Zinc cannot run in to the eyes or burn the skin. It’s a parents best friend with a kid playing in the sand and running in an out of the water on a hot summers day.