Better for you & better for our planet

Why do we need to take care of our skin?

Our skin is a phenomenal part of our bodies that works hard at taking care of us. Our skin has natural oils and healing properties to ensure that your skin is kept healthy. However it is very vulnerable to the outside environment. Unfortunately our skin is exposed daily to pollutants in the air and in our water, which often contains harsh chemicals such as chlorine, fluoride and various carbons. These pollutants dry out the skin of its natural oils and block up our pores of which our skin needs to breathe and to release unwanted toxins in the body. Even activities such as drinking alcohol and smoking dehydrate and age the skin. Sun exposure too can damage the skin, however only if the exposure is excessive. Our skin does require a certain amount of sunlight each day to receive its dose of Vitamin D. 
Considering that our skin does already have amazing healing properties and its own natural oils, Back 2 Nature products are perfectly formulated to encourage your skin to product and balance the correct amount of oil ( sebum ).
Our skin is the largest most exposed organ on or body and therefore deserves just as much love and care for what we put into our bodies. That's why we consider our products healthy food for the skin. 

Why NO Plastic?

I think we all know the answer to this.. Plastic is one of the worst things that ever happened to our planet. It's a toxic pollutant, resource exploiter and a major threat to our oceans, soil and all wildlife. So Back 2 Nature is doing our best to avoid using plastic packaging where ever possible. So that is why you see that all products are in glass jars or aluminium, even our toothpaste! Unfortunately some of our lids for the glass jars have a plastic lining, however the search continues for a greener alternative. Great news is too, that most of our glass jars are actually made locally in Cape Town, reducing our carbon footprint one step further. 

Why vegan?

As sad as it is to say, animal products have snuck their way in to cosmetic products since the very beginning. Some of which I am sure, you may have no idea are even animal products due to its 101 names its given. The global beauty industry is worth $530 billion, thus creating a huge demand for raw materials.  
Well that stops here! We ensure that all of our raw materials used are plant or mineral ( earth ) based and derived.
The great news is that not only do we give all animals a better chance at surviving in this crazy world, but vegan skincare is actually better for this with sensitive, condition prone skin as animal ingredients can be harsh and clog pores. 

Why cruelty free ?

Hhmm, do we need to explain ourselves..

Why do we not allow for international orders?

If you are with us on our Back 2 Nature store, yet you are elsewhere in the world other than South Africa, it is not that we do not want your support to purchase our products, it is rather that Back 2 Nature would like to encourage  LOCAL shopping. It is one of the most important things to being a conscious consumer, ensuring you support talented local businesses, most importantly reducing your carbon footprint by avoiding jet setting products around the world.