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Inspired by Nature

Back 2 Nature is a growing range of skincare products, inspired by the importance and abundance that nature has to offer us. The range of products include a variety of skincare products as well as toothpaste and sunblock’s. All of which are handmade in small batches, with an abundance of love and gratitude towards nature, in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa.

Earth's RAW Ingredients

We consider our products healthy food for the skin. All ingredients used are sustainably sourced, natural, vegan, mostly organic, contain no chemicals, no alcohol, no fluoride, no parabens, no preservatives and very importantly, have not been tested on animals. 

All products have been approved by the Beauty Without Cruelty Association of South Africa, as well as the South African Vegan Society. 


Giving ‘Back to Nature’

Just like every other species on the planet who serves their greatest purpose by contributing to the circle of life, Back 2 Nature believes that it is vital for us as a species to contribute wherever possible. So Back 2 Nature does just that.. A small percentage all profits go ‘back to nature’ to a non-profit, local, ocean conservation organization called I Am Water.
Please check out the amazing and inspiring work that this organization does, and what you will too be a part of if you purchase Back 2 Nature products.