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Face Care During Your Cycle

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It’s important we give ourselves what we need during our cycles and that goes for our skin care too🌝 In this post we will be discussing what happens to the skin during the different phases of your cycle and which toners to use during those phases to keep your skin looking healthy & vibrant.
3 Hormones impact your skin during your monthly cycle: Estrogen, Progesteone and Testosterone, and their shifting ratio is what causes changes in the look & feel of your skin.
Day 1-6 🌑
On the first day of your period, all your hormones are at an all time low. Your skin may feel sensitive & have difficulty retaining moisture resulting in dull & dry skin.
Opt for our Witch Hazel & Rose water toner to help you combat dryness, reduce inflammation, redness and balance out the hormones in the skin.
Day 7-11 🌒
During this time your body restarts Estrogen production which stimulates collagen, elastic and Hyaluronic acid creation, encouraging the growth of stronger & more elastic skin cells.
Days 12-16 🌓
Right before ovulation, estrogen is at its peak and you look the bomb . com 🔥 Focus on using anti- ageing products during this time like our Witch Hazel toner, night cream and Botanical serum to keep the skin bouncy and youthful.
Days 17-24 🌖
After ovulation, progesterone starts to rise which makes your pores shrink which traps oil & leads to breakout. During this time it’s best to use our Apple Cider and Tea Tree toner to help remove excess oils, clean clogged pores, clear blemished skin and bring back PH levels to the skin.
Day 25-28🌕
Progesterone & Estrogen dip below Testosterone causing puffiness and an oversupply of oil. Skin may appear extra shiny and pores look larger. We recommend switching between both our toners during this time to assist in reducing bacteria and minimising pores.
You have a whole world inside of you 💫

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