Our Mission

Back to Nature has the greatest intention to inspire people to do just that... ‘Go back to Nature’. Nature has so many beautiful, raw, healing, authentic qualities to offer us that will not only better and enhance our overall health, but to also draw us back to our purpose and connectedness within Nature.

Back 2 Nature as a product range, encourages you to make the choice to be a conscious consumer, also making it accessible and affordable for everyone. 

Back 2 Nature aspires to have a minimal impact on the health of our planet by

+ Sourcing sustainable and natural ingredients. 
+ Supporting local farmers, using indigenous ingredients to South Africa as much as we can.
+ Packaging our products in eco friendly packaging, such as glass & aluminum & avoiding plastic where possible.
+ All of our packaging is recyclable.
+ No chemicals, alcohol, flouride, parabens or chemical preservatives are used in our products.
+ No animals products are used and all testing of our products is done on humans, not animals.
+ All products are bio-degradable and eco-friendly. Avoiding pollution into our waterways, oceans, soil, atmosphere and into our bodies.
+ We encourage the concept of Reduce - Reuse - Recycle by offering bulk of select products in stores that offer refilling options. We also offer bulk refill pouches of select products to offer you the opportunity to re use your existing beautiful Back 2 Nature packaging.
+ We encourage the concept of 'supporting local' therefore, we do not ship or stock any stores with our full range outside of Africa. 

However, you can find our Sun Care range in Europe. Only with the reason that we believe our Oceans worldwide require some extra love by promoting the use of reef-friendly sunscreen products

Who's the passion behind Back 2 Nature?

Chanel Dankert

I began this exciting, rewarding project purely inspired by my passion and respect that I have towards nature. Just as I always say and believe... ‘Just as I am within Nature, Nature is within me.’ Through being an inquisitive young woman, I have always seeked knowledge where I can learn to reduce my impact as a human on this planet, after understanding the connection and importance that every being and element on this planet has with each other.  I then acknowledged that the world of expanding consumerism and industrialization is definitely the greatest cause of all forms of negative impacts on our planet. However, it is going nowhere in a hurry, if anything it is growing at a rapid rate! So how was I going to reduce such impact?… Develop a brand of necessity that follows the ethos of being a conscious consumer, making it affordable and accessible to everyone.  You as a consumer only buy what is on the shelves because that is all that is available to you and what the hypnotizing world of marketing and society has told you to buy… So it is my duty to ask you to go back to your roots, become a conscious, consumer and go Back 2 Nature.